Welcome to the Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar


Welcome to the Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar (Alkmaar Municipal Museum): the best place to learn about the history of the town as well as its surroundings. The museum is divided into four sections: two galleries are dedicated to The Golden Age of Alkmaar -De Gouden Eeuw van Alkmaar- (16th and 17th century) and one gallery is dedicated to Modern Times -De Moderne Tijd- (19th and 20th century). Each gallery has its own theme. There is a separate gallery for temporary exhibitions.

Exhibition from 16 October 2010 till 6 March 2011: Sesame Street (Dutch)

Ground floor
First, a look at Alkmaar
In the cinema directly behind the entrance, you can watch a playful audio-visual programme. It will give you an impression of the town's history in just over ten minutes. Besides, it will also give you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the museum.

Ground floor and basement
De Gouden Eeuw van Alkmaar (The Golden Age of Alkmaar)
Alkmaar's golden age began as early as the 16th century. Many paintings and objects date from that period. Several monuments, such as De Waag (Weighhouse) and the town hall, are reminiscent of The Golden Age of Alkmaar. They can be found in miniature at each theme and will guide you on your way through the museum.

Ground floor
The people of Alkmaar and their town
This impressive gallery introduces you to some of the wealthy families, the citizen militia and the 'ordinary' people who inhabited Alkmaar in the 16th and 17th century. It will give you an impression of how they governed and protected their town. The high town wall offers a splendid view of the 16th century paintings, which portray the siege of Alkmaar by the Spaniards. By pressing the 'buttons' of the trumpets you can also hear what citizens experienced. A video screen in the wall shows a programme about the siege. 'Het interieur van de Grote Kerk' (Alkmaar's largest church), by Pieter Jansz Saenredam, takes a prominent place in the adjacent gallery. Religion and poor relief are the most important issues here. The lower section takes you inside people's homes. Under the stairway, you can watch a brief programme on the everyday life of children.


The people of Alkmaar and their surroundings
This room tells the story of everyday street life, of markets and squares, of trade and business. It also tells us about the water, always a friend as well as a fearsome enemy. The circular wall offers an impressive view of the town. The left-hand model shows you the lakes that surrounded Alkmaar as well as the open connection with the Zuiderzee (which is now called IJsselmeer). By turning the handle you can see how the lakes turned into polder (reclaimed land). The right-hand scale model gives an idea of the liveliness of Alkmaar around 1650. It shows the Waaggebouw (Weighhouse) and the cheese market, which are surrounded by Luttik Oudorp, het Verdronkenoord, de Bierkade and a small section of het Voormeer. The painters also profited from the fact that Alkmaar was a flourishing town. They were united in a guild and were commissioned by citizens and institutions to paint for them. The green wall displays several paintings by members of the Alkmaar Lucas Guild.

First floor
Modern Times
How did Alkmaar evolve through the ages? The long glass display containing several banners familiarises us with Alkmaar in modern times by way of townscapes from 1916 onwards. Other visual material also offers us a taste of the atmosphere of the changing town. The themes below indicate which changes the town went through in both the 19th and 20th centuries: the growth of the town, a new infrastructure, old and new industries, leisure and entertainment, art and culture. You can visit the Dames Vlaanderen (two famous elderly sisters) in the art and culture section. Don't forget to visit De kleine Wereld (The Little World). You will be thrilled to enter toy heaven as it must have looked about a century ago. The adjacent room displays paintings by artists who were in some way connected to the 'Bergen School'. Here you can watch a programme about Charley Toorop.

charley toorop.jpg

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